Bringing you an even better service

Bringing you an even better service

As we near the end of 2022, we’re reflecting on a year of significant changes here at RGB Solutions. Our team has worked hard and are continuing to make improvements to our team, our services, and our operations. We are confident that these positive changes will stand us in the best position to continue to offer you the most innovative solutions and support in 2023 and beyond.

A successful acquisition

Back in April 2022, we announced RGB Solutions was to be acquired by incovo, a leading managed IT and communications services provider. The acquisition was the result of several months of strategic talks and negotiations between RGB Solutions’ founder and Richard Blades, incovo CEO Chris Thomas, with Stephen Paterson of Quest Corporate playing a pivotal role in facilitating the deal.

Six months on and the merger is now complete. Our team members have successfully integrated into the incovo team and we are working as one to respond to your business needs.

A people-first approach

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Purpose HR which is now managing RGB Solutions’ Human Resources department. We saw a natural synergy between RGB Solutions and Purpose HR – the latter being a values-driven organisation, with trust, empathy and equality at the heart of everything they do.

We are excited to work with the Purpose HR team to continue to develop RGB Solutions’ inclusive, diverse and purpose-driven workplace and culture.

Introducing our new reporting platform

All IT support requests are now logged on Syncro, our innovative new reporting platform. This ensures each task is triaged and assigned to the appropriate member of the team so you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

Adopting Syncro has helped to significantly streamline our processes to help give you the best customer experience. The real-time system monitoring means we receive immediate notification alerts any time a support request ticket is submitted, so we can proactively respond to your needs.

Continuing to do what we do best

For almost two decades we have worked hard to build a reputation for our services. Our highly qualified team bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and we are proud of our position as one of the most trusted IT services providers in Scotland.

By joining together with incovo, we are now able to provide you with an even wider range of essential services. Whether you need support or consultancy, we can help your organisation by delivering transformative solutions – from cyber security, IT and connectivity, to cloud telecommunications and managed print.

If you would like to discuss any of these options, you can email us at [email protected] or call 0131 554 8888.

Why your business should switch to the cloud

Why your business should switch to the cloud

Cloud-based technology is growing in popularity, with more and more businesses recognising the benefits of this advanced innovation. But if your business hasn’t yet made the switch, you may have questions. So, the IT experts at RGB Solutions are here to answer those questions – from the basics of how it all works, to the many ways it can boost your business.

What is the cloud?
The cloud refers to servers that are accessed via the internet, rather than hosted on-site in your office, for example. That means your business does not have to manage physical servers in your workplace or run applications on your own machines. Instead, the cloud servers are located in data centres elsewhere.

Why has cloud technology grown in popularity?
Thanks to cloud technology, you can access files and applications anywhere and from any device. This is something which has proved to be a real gamechanger for many businesses, especially in recent years when faced with a global pandemic. This ability to store, access and share data with other team members in different locations has enabled businesses to seamlessly shift from an office-based set-up to remote working or a hybrid approach.

What are the main benefits of moving to the cloud?

  1. Lower cost: RGB Solutions offers a range of cloud solutions for an affordable fixed monthly fee – something which is sure to appeal to any business watching their bottom line.
  2. Hassle-free: Because cloud solutions are continuously updated by the service provider, so there’s virtually no maintenance on your behalf required.
  3. Responsive scalability: As there is little hardware involved, it is easy to scale up as your business grows
  4. Accessibility: Your team can access, share, and update data from any location, making it the ideal solution for remote workers.
  5. Unlimited storage: As your business grows, so does your data. But that’s not an issue with cloud solutions which offers unlimited storage potential.
  6. Efficiency: Because cloud systems are located off-site, you don’t need to have a physical space in your workplace to house them, making them the ideal choice for remote businesses.
  7. Security: Whilst cyber-attacks can still pose a threat to cloud solutions, they do benefit from an extra layer of security, as data stored in the cloud is encrypted, making it much more difficult for hackers to access your files. In addition, cyber security updates take place regularly and automatically.

Which cloud systems will benefit your business?
Here at RGB Solutions, we practice what we preach. Day in and day out, we use the cloud-based Managed Service Provider platform, Syncro, to monitor and support our clients. Utilising this cloud-based technology means we can provide the very best level of service to our clients at all times.

Our highly qualified team of IT experts are passionate about finding the right cloud-based solutions to suit your business and ensuring you get the most out of them. We offer a wide range of cloud-based solutions – from Sophos cyber security and Microsoft software, to Acronis cloud backup and Gamma Horizon telephone systems.

To find out more, email [email protected] or call 0131 554 8888 and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.


10 cyber security steps to protect your business

10 cyber security steps to protect your business

Whether you’re a small start-up business or a well-established multi-national, it’s a sad fact of modern life that every organisation is at risk of a cyber attack. According to the latest report from the UK government, a shocking 39% of UK businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack in the last 12 months, which on average cost the business £4,200.

And it’s not just the company’s finances that can be hard hit by a cyber attack. A data breach, for example, can have serious consequences, including loss of customer trust and irreversible damage to the brand reputation.


So, what’s the best way to protect your business?

The National Cyber Security Centre lists 10 steps to cyber security which cover everything from understanding your organisation’s risks, to how to prepare for cyber incidents, and implementing appropriate mitigations:

  1. Risk management: Take a risk-based approach to securing your data and systems.
  2. Engagement and training: Collaboratively build security that works for people in your organisation.
  3. Asset management: Know what data and systems you have and what business need they support.
  4. Architecture and configuration: Design, build, maintain and manage systems securely.
  5. Vulnerability management: Keep your systems protected throughout their lifecycle.
  6. Identity and access management: Control who and what can access your systems and data.
  7. Data security: Protect data where it is vulnerable.
  8. Logging and monitoring: Design your systems to be able to detect and investigate incidents.
  9. Incident management: Plan your response to cyber incidents in advance.
  10. Supply chain security: Collaborate with your suppliers and partners.


Does your business tick all 10 boxes?

The only way to have full confidence that your business is fully protected is to call in the experts. The IT specialists at RGB Solutions undergo continual training to ensure we remain one step ahead of the latest cyber threats.


Top five ways RGB Solutions can protect your business

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to cyber security – from our immediate response to detected threats, to our long-term planning. Here’s how we’re protecting businesses right across the country:

    1. Site IT audit
    2. Priority response
    3. Proactive maintenance
    4. Consultation and advice
    5. Long-term planning and development


Ramp up your cyber security today

Get in touch with the IT experts at RGB Solutions and we can carry out a comprehensive review of your entire business IT system. Based on the findings of this cyber security audit, we can make recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We can also immediately action any necessary response measures to ensure your business is protected.

To find out more, email [email protected] or call 0131 554 8888 and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

Why every business needs a comprehensive cyber security audit

Why every business needs a full cyber security audit

Cyber attacks, data breaches and privacy violations pose a real and significant threat to businesses of all sizes. The results can be costly, not just financially, but in terms of the time and resources required to repair the damage done. RGB Solutions can help you stay one step ahead of cyber threats by minimising your business’ online vulnerabilities and proactively monitoring potential cyber risks. It all starts with a cyber security audit.


What is a cyber security audit?
A cyber security audit is a comprehensive review of your entire business IT system. From network devices and software updates, to policies and procedures – RGB Solutions’ IT specialists will analyse every part of your IT infrastructure.

Based on the findings of the cyber security audit, they can make recommendations tailored to your specific needs, and action any necessary response measures to ensure your data and your business is safeguarded.


How to prepare for your cyber security audit
For a cyber security audit to be as thorough as possible, the RGB Solutions IT experts will need to gather some vital information about your everyday business operations, so inform your team when the audit is expected to take place and ensure any relevant team members are readily available to answers any questions.

Make a list of all devices that form your network, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones – whether they are used in the workplace or remotely. Detail all controls already in place, such as anti-virus software. And gather together all your relevant documentation, including any information relating to your company cybersecurity policies such as your current incident response plan.

The immediate benefits of a cyber security audit

  • A comprehensive cyber security audit will highlight critical gaps and weaknesses in your current security set-up and potential risks to your business.
  • It can provide vital proof of whether or not your business is compliant with any legal requirements, such as GDPR guidelines.
  • It can reassure team members and clients that your business is proactive when it comes to online safety.


How a cyber security audit can safeguard your business
The RGB Solutions experts will use the findings of the cyber security audit to formulate a plan designed to meet the specific needs of your business. This could include addressing technical vulnerabilities by upgrading devices, or installing vital software to protect against potential data breaches.

We can also use this information to help update and refine your company policies – advising on all aspects of cyber-related employee procedures in the workplace including password creation rules, user account restrictions, access controls, and internet use policies.


Book your cyber security audit now
If you want to take the first steps towards protecting your business from ever more sophisticated cyber threats, speak to the IT experts at RGB Solutions. Simply email [email protected] or call 0131 554 8888 and we’ll be happy to analyse your current protection level and offer practical help to safeguard your business.

Scalable IT solutions for your evolving business

Scalable solutions for your evolving business

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that businesses need to continually evolve in order to survive. Over the past two years, we have witnessed companies of all sizes and sectors pivot, pair back, scale up, and bounce back.

RGB Solutions has supported our clients throughout these changes by offering a wide range of scalable IT solutions. From software maintenance, server security and disaster recovery, to fully-serviced IT management – RGB Solutions can respond and adapt to your specific needs to aid your business growth. Read on to discover how…


Just starting out in business?

We offer ad-hoc IT support and repairs for first time clients such as start-up businesses who understand the need to have reliable, safe and secure IT infrastructure, but who don’t yet want to commit to more extensive support.

They call us, we visit their premises, and we fix their IT problem. There is no long-term obligation, which makes RGB Solutions the ideal choice for businesses new to the market.


For growing businesses

For more established businesses, we offer a pro-active service which includes managing and maintaining your equipment and software. We can devise an annual plan which can range from just one hour of support per month to upto 24 hours, for example. The key is that we can tailor these scalable IT solutions to your specific business needs and budget.

We can also recommend and implement an internet connection type to provide appropriate download and upload speeds to suit your requirements, with full flexibility so you can scale up your connection speeds as and when your business expands.

In addition, we can provide robust cyber security solutions at a level of protection to suit the security needs of your organisation, enabling your business to operate without fear of malicious cyber attacks.


Scaled up success

RGB Solutions’ fully serviced IT management option is ideal for growing businesses. Our team of IT experts essentially form your internal IT department, taking care of all your technology needs, from server security, networking and back-up systems, to disaster recovery.


We practice what we preach

No one understands the need for businesses to continually evolve to stay ahead of the game more than us. This year we proactively took the decision to become part of the incovo group as a means to offer our clients an even wider range of innovative services and solutions.

The world of business is fast-paced. However your business decides to evolve to stay ahead of the curve, RGB Solutions is here to support you. Just email [email protected] or call 0131 554 8888 and our team of IT experts will be happy to tailor our solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Meet RGB Solutions CEO, Chris Thomas

Meet RGB Solutions CEO, Chris Thomas

In April 2022 it was announced that Chris Thomas would take to the helm as CEO of RGB Solutions. This appointment is the latest milestone in Chris’ illustrious career journey, and is the result of months of strategic negotiations which saw technology specialists, incovo, successfully acquire RGB Solutions.

Chris Thomas rose to the position of CEO of incovo at just 21 years of age. Since then, he has revolutionised the company with his forward-thinking, inclusive approach. The care and attention he pays to clients, suppliers and the team earned him a coveted place on the shortlist of The Institute of Directors ‘Young Director of the Year’ awards.

Chris also finalised for the ‘Next Generation Award’ at The Herald Scottish Family Business Awards, and won the ‘Business Growth Award’ at the West Lothian Business Awards.

Chris has gained a wealth of positive media attention throughout his career – making regular appearances on TV and hitting headlines in The Scotsman, The Herald, Insider, Business Leader, and many more.

Described as one of Scotland’s most promising entrepreneurs, Chris has grown incovo into the market leader it is today, and it well equipped to head up the RGB Solutions team and continue its positive trajectory well into the future.

Chris is excited to build upon the ‘people first’ culture here at RGB Solutions and is always readily available and contactable on [email protected] should you require his assistance.

incovo acquisition: A new chapter in RGB Solutions’ story

incovo’s 20-year journey of continual growth to becoming one of Scotland’s leading IT, telecoms and managed print providers has not been an easy one. Founder, Richard Thomas, passed away suddenly and tragically in 2016, leaving his then 18-year-old son, Chris Thomas, to take the reins. Despite Chris’ young age, he rose to the challenge and revolutionised the business, earning himself a raft of award nominations, including a place on the coveted shortlist of The Institute of Directors ‘Young Director of the Year’ awards.

And now, as incovo reaches its 20th anniversary, Chris is marking this significant milestone by announcing the acquisition of Edinburgh-based IT services provider, RGB Solutions.
The acquisition is the result of several months of strategic talks and negotiations between Chris Thomas and RGB Solutions’ founder, Richard Blades, with Stephen Paterson of Quest Corporate playing a pivotal role in facilitating the deal.

Speaking about the acquisition, Chris says, “incovo has undergone considerable changes in the past 20 years as it has grown and evolved in response to the ever-changing technological landscape. Demand for our IT services in particular has increased dramatically as a result of increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. By acquiring RGB Solutions and introducing our leadership team and global technology partners, we can continue the positive trajectory that RGB Solutions is moving in and begin yet another exciting chapter in the incovo story”.

Richard is in agreement as he states, “Since its inception in 2004, RGB Solutions has stayed true to its founding vision and core values of providing a reliable and customer-focused approach to IT services. For almost two decades I have been fortunate to work towards building a fantastic team and client-base. With the support of this acquisition, RGB Solutions can continue on this positive path.”

The move is set to cement incovo’s position as one of the leading IT services providers in Scotland, boosting the group’s turnover by an additional £700,000. Five new team members and 97 new clients will come under incovo’s wing, with RGB Solutions’ established Edinburgh office remaining, bolstering incovo’s presence across Scotland’s Central Belt.

The acquisition will marry together RGB Solutions’ specialist expertise in cyber security, IT support and consultancy, and incovo’s long-standing reputation for managed print, connectivity, and cloud telecommunications. As a result, team members and clients alike are set to benefit as the two teams work together to source and deliver the most innovative solutions, services, and support.

A message from RGB Solutions’ founder, Richard Blades

Throughout the past 18 years in my role as Managing Director of RGB Solutions, I have strived to stay true to the company’s founding ethos of ‘Innovative IT made easy’. Over the years, the business has grown to offer a range of services, from IT support to consultancy and fully serviced IT management.

Since founding the company in 2004, the world of business and technology has changed immensely, as you are no doubt well aware. Remaining ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape has been one of my team’s core strengths and we endeavour to remain at the forefront for many more years to come.

To that end, after months of careful consideration and strategic negotiations, I am pleased to announce RGB Solutions has been acquired by incovo.

Established 20 years ago, incovo is an award-winning IT, print and telecommunications business with a reputation for delivering a first-rate service to a wide range of businesses throughout Scotland and beyond.

So, what does this mean for you?

On a day-to-day level, nothing will change. You will still receive the same exceptionally high level of support from the same team of RGB Solutions professionals that you have come to know and depend upon.

But with the support of this acquisition, RGB Solutions’ ability to source and deliver the most innovative IT solutions, services, and support will be significantly bolstered, and we will be better placed to respond to your business’ unique needs, now and in the future.

This acquisition marks the start of an exciting new chapter in RGB Solutions’ story. The teams at RGB Solutions and incovo are filled with energy and enthusiasm about what lies ahead, and we are proud to share the next part of our journey with you.


Email Filtering and Security

What is the risk to my business?

Email is the easiest entry point for hackers to gain access to your organisation.  From distributing ransomware to carrying out phishing scams, email is utilised by cybercriminals as the delivery vector.

Now more than ever, these attacks are highly sophisticated and targeted, often resulting in significant damage to businesses – operationally, financially, and reputationally. 91% of cyber-attacks begin with email.

Why are small business targeted most by hackers?

Due to the enormous cybersecurity budgets of large corporations and multi-nationals, it is becoming more and more expensive and time-consuming for cybercriminals to successfully penetrate their defences.

This has seen them shift their focus to softer targets – small and medium businesses that typically have fewer resources dedicated to preventing cybercrime.

How can I protect my business?

RGB Solutions partner with an external cloud based email security provider to provide enterprise-grade security to businesses protecting them against the full spectrum of email-based attacks.  When implemented, our system:

• Detects and blocks all known email attacks before they reach the mailbox.

• Improves productivity by eliminating time-consuming spam.

• Helps with compliance requirements.

• Easy and intuitive end-user experience.

VoIP Telephony Services

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – it is essentially a way of making and receiving telephone calls over the internet. VoIP has been named the fastest growing technology of the last decade.

Unlike traditional phone calls, VoIP services often come with a host of other added benefits that can help increase business efficiency.

A primary reason for businesses extensively implementing VoIP technology is the everyday operating cost. In businesses, VoIP is a way to cut down communication running costs whilst increasing reliability and features. It also allows you to add more features to communications and interaction between employees and customers.

Highlighted features include Voicemail to E-mail integration, office extension access from anywhere through a web browser and using your SmartPhone as a Softphone extension.

Modern VoIP systems are now reliable and scalable and can be specified and configured whether you are a small business requiring a single handset or a large multi-site corporate office.

RGB Solutions can create the bespoke VoIP solution that your business needs.