incovo acquisition: A new chapter in RGB Solutions’ story

incovo’s 20-year journey of continual growth to becoming one of Scotland’s leading IT, telecoms and managed print providers has not been an easy one. Founder, Richard Thomas, passed away suddenly and tragically in 2016, leaving his then 18-year-old son, Chris Thomas, to take the reins. Despite Chris’ young age, he rose to the challenge and revolutionised the business, earning himself a raft of award nominations, including a place on the coveted shortlist of The Institute of Directors ‘Young Director of the Year’ awards.

And now, as incovo reaches its 20th anniversary, Chris is marking this significant milestone by announcing the acquisition of Edinburgh-based IT services provider, RGB Solutions.
The acquisition is the result of several months of strategic talks and negotiations between Chris Thomas and RGB Solutions’ founder, Richard Blades, with Stephen Paterson of Quest Corporate playing a pivotal role in facilitating the deal.

Speaking about the acquisition, Chris says, “incovo has undergone considerable changes in the past 20 years as it has grown and evolved in response to the ever-changing technological landscape. Demand for our IT services in particular has increased dramatically as a result of increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. By acquiring RGB Solutions and introducing our leadership team and global technology partners, we can continue the positive trajectory that RGB Solutions is moving in and begin yet another exciting chapter in the incovo story”.

Richard is in agreement as he states, “Since its inception in 2004, RGB Solutions has stayed true to its founding vision and core values of providing a reliable and customer-focused approach to IT services. For almost two decades I have been fortunate to work towards building a fantastic team and client-base. With the support of this acquisition, RGB Solutions can continue on this positive path.”

The move is set to cement incovo’s position as one of the leading IT services providers in Scotland, boosting the group’s turnover by an additional £700,000. Five new team members and 97 new clients will come under incovo’s wing, with RGB Solutions’ established Edinburgh office remaining, bolstering incovo’s presence across Scotland’s Central Belt.

The acquisition will marry together RGB Solutions’ specialist expertise in cyber security, IT support and consultancy, and incovo’s long-standing reputation for managed print, connectivity, and cloud telecommunications. As a result, team members and clients alike are set to benefit as the two teams work together to source and deliver the most innovative solutions, services, and support.

A message from RGB Solutions’ founder, Richard Blades

Throughout the past 18 years in my role as Managing Director of RGB Solutions, I have strived to stay true to the company’s founding ethos of ‘Innovative IT made easy’. Over the years, the business has grown to offer a range of services, from IT support to consultancy and fully serviced IT management.

Since founding the company in 2004, the world of business and technology has changed immensely, as you are no doubt well aware. Remaining ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape has been one of my team’s core strengths and we endeavour to remain at the forefront for many more years to come.

To that end, after months of careful consideration and strategic negotiations, I am pleased to announce RGB Solutions has been acquired by incovo.

Established 20 years ago, incovo is an award-winning IT, print and telecommunications business with a reputation for delivering a first-rate service to a wide range of businesses throughout Scotland and beyond.

So, what does this mean for you?

On a day-to-day level, nothing will change. You will still receive the same exceptionally high level of support from the same team of RGB Solutions professionals that you have come to know and depend upon.

But with the support of this acquisition, RGB Solutions’ ability to source and deliver the most innovative IT solutions, services, and support will be significantly bolstered, and we will be better placed to respond to your business’ unique needs, now and in the future.

This acquisition marks the start of an exciting new chapter in RGB Solutions’ story. The teams at RGB Solutions and incovo are filled with energy and enthusiasm about what lies ahead, and we are proud to share the next part of our journey with you.


Email Filtering and Security

What is the risk to my business?

Email is the easiest entry point for hackers to gain access to your organisation.  From distributing ransomware to carrying out phishing scams, email is utilised by cybercriminals as the delivery vector.

Now more than ever, these attacks are highly sophisticated and targeted, often resulting in significant damage to businesses – operationally, financially, and reputationally. 91% of cyber-attacks begin with email.

Why are small business targeted most by hackers?

Due to the enormous cybersecurity budgets of large corporations and multi-nationals, it is becoming more and more expensive and time-consuming for cybercriminals to successfully penetrate their defences.

This has seen them shift their focus to softer targets – small and medium businesses that typically have fewer resources dedicated to preventing cybercrime.

How can I protect my business?

RGB Solutions partner with an external cloud based email security provider to provide enterprise-grade security to businesses protecting them against the full spectrum of email-based attacks.  When implemented, our system:

• Detects and blocks all known email attacks before they reach the mailbox.

• Improves productivity by eliminating time-consuming spam.

• Helps with compliance requirements.

• Easy and intuitive end-user experience.

VoIP Telephony Services

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – it is essentially a way of making and receiving telephone calls over the internet. VoIP has been named the fastest growing technology of the last decade.

Unlike traditional phone calls, VoIP services often come with a host of other added benefits that can help increase business efficiency.

A primary reason for businesses extensively implementing VoIP technology is the everyday operating cost. In businesses, VoIP is a way to cut down communication running costs whilst increasing reliability and features. It also allows you to add more features to communications and interaction between employees and customers.

Highlighted features include Voicemail to E-mail integration, office extension access from anywhere through a web browser and using your SmartPhone as a Softphone extension.

Modern VoIP systems are now reliable and scalable and can be specified and configured whether you are a small business requiring a single handset or a large multi-site corporate office.

RGB Solutions can create the bespoke VoIP solution that your business needs.

Extensis Portfolio – Digital Asset Management

Extensis Portfolio is the industry’s most usable, flexible, and supported digital asset management solution for organisations and workgroups of all sizes wrestling with an ever-growing volume of digital content. By delivering visual and contextual insight for every file, Portfolio helps workflows move faster and people connect to their assets, projects,
and partners. Recognising that asset usability is business-critical to many departments and divisions beyond marketing and creative teams, Portfolio is built —and continuously evolving— to bring the efficiencies of DAM to workgroups across every organisation and industry. By getting the right asset in the right hands at the right time, Portfolio drives creativity, collaboration, and productivity—powering extraordinary work around the globe in a fraction of the time.

Say goodbye to poorly organised and disconnected filing systems that limit usage of your organisation’s valuable assets, squander creativity, and challenge collaboration. Extensis Portfolio lets you create a single source for all of your images, videos, and documents so you can easily organise, find, manage, and use your assets effectively—even as your collection grows.

Whether you’re a small or mid-size workgroup, in marketing, operations, or another team, Portfolio lets you access and share your digital assets with internal teams, partners, and customers—anywhere in the world. This trusted and affordable digital asset management (DAM) solution can be set up within days and used with your existing business systems and workflow. Portfolio includes everything you need to get started, right out of the box. Plus, flexible and cost effective add-ons let you extend functionality when you need it.

Version 4.0 of Portfolio has also been newly released with updated features and security enhancements. Contact us at RGB Solutions today to discuss how Digital Asset Management can integrate into your workflow.  

Retrospect Automated Backup Systems

Retrospect is the number one office backup software for both networked and standalone computers, with support for Macintosh and Windows.  A professionally configured automated backup system such as Retrospect is essential as it allows recovery of important data should a disaster strike.

Retrospect Backup protects over 100 Petabytes in over 500,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries. With broad platform and application support, Retrospect protects every part of your computer environment, on-site and in the cloud.

Retrospect 18 also contains Immutable Backups for Anti-Ransomware Protection, Executive Reporting, First Launch Redesign, Cloud Volumes, Cloud Deployment and Azure Support (18.1)

If you have any questions about any aspect of data backup please get in touch with us at RGB Solutions and we will be delighted to advise.

Internet Connectivity Solutions

RGB Solutions provide internet connections and Wide Area Network solutions that use any-access technology to overcome the challenge of modern bandwidth hungry business environments.


From traditional broadband connections to full bearer capacity leased lines and everything in-between. The choice is now available to implement a connection type which will provide download and upload speeds to suit your requirements that also suits your budget. Solutions can also include connection scalability and growth to allow your connection speeds to adjust with your business needs.


RGB Solutions partner with one of the UK’s leading business focussed service providers who have an exceptional track record of minimum downtime and in business critical situations, resiliency can be specified within a connectivity solution to ensure zero downtime.

Remote Users

We all understand that reliable and fast connectivity leads to a boost in productivity and efficiency. Making sure we all have access to each other and business critical information no matter where we are or what device we are using will make sure business operations run at optimum.


In conjunction with industry leading security firewalls, a level of protection to suit the security needs of your organisation will be implemented allowing your staff to conduct daily business without fear of malicious cyber attacks.

To discuss internet connectivity solutions that meet your professional business needs, contact us at RGB Solutions today.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion Update

Organise, find and activate fonts in your creative applications with Suitcase Fusion — the font manager trusted by more than 100,000 creative professionals. Powerful enough to manage font collections of any size — from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of fonts — and versatile enough to maximise your efficiency and productivity, while inspiring your best work.

All of your fonts at your fingertips
Manage all of your fonts from one source, no matter how many you have — including your systems fonts, purchased fonts, fonts synced from Adobe TypeKit, Google Fonts and more. Turn them on and off as you need.

Find the exact fonts you need, when you need them
Whether you’re searching for a specific font, discovering others that enhance your creative work, or recalling fonts you’ve used in previous projects—Suitcase Fusion helps you find the fonts you need. Auto-activation automatically brings your font collection into creative applications, patented Font Sense technology ensures the right font is activated as soon as you open your documents, and font tracking guides you back to fonts you’ve successfully used in the past.

Eliminates errors and inconsistencies
With your entire collection of fonts in one place and accessible where you need them, you’ll always deliver consistent and accurate font usage without frustration and wasted time due to missing fonts, font conflicts, or font errors.

Works how you work
Organise your font collection by project, client, or however you see fit — and access your fonts with the professional tools you already use. On both Mac and PC, Suitcase Fusion automatically brings your entire font collection into Adobe Creative Cloud applications through plug-ins and panels.

Fixes font problems fast
Get FontDoctor for free when you purchase Suitcase Fusion. You’ll be able to keep bad fonts from derailing your work as FontDoctor quarantines corrupt and malformed fonts, repairs common font problems, generates detailed reports about bad fonts, and weeds out improperly organised font suitcases.

Speak to our specialists at RGB Solutions today to find out how Extensis font solutions can support your workflow.

Charity, Education & Not-for-Profit Software Licensing

RGB Solutions are proud to partner with our vendors and have obtained certification which allows us to supply a wide rage of software to charity, educational establishments and not-for-profit organisations. Our most popular products are Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office 365 licensing.

As an example of pricing:

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps – £738 per annum

As Adobe Partners we can offer educational pricing for charities, education establishments and not-for-profit organisations. This can provide up-to 50% off standard pricing.

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Educational – £354 per annum

For enquiries and quotations on any licensing products, please call or email RGB Solutions using the details join our contact us page…

Coronavirus Service Update

As you will be well aware, and following the announcement on Monday 23rd March, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is causing disruption to business as usual and life as we know it.  Over the past couple of weeks, RGB Solutions have been busy helping clients to secure connections into the office from the outside world should the worst happen.

At RGB Solutions we pride ourselves on our team’s capacity to adapt and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems.  As such we will be testing our mettle over the next few days, weeks and months as “Business as usual” turns into “the new normal”, however that will look.  While the majority of businesses are preparing to work remotely our team have had the capability of working remotely for a long time, as you may know if you’ve had support from us out of hours or at the weekend.

So what might be different?

For you, our valued partner, very little will change with how your service from RGB is provided:

– Our engineers will support you and your team via remote support, phone calls and emails.

– Your monthly maintenance visits will be converted into scheduled remote maintenance where our team will perform our normal tests, updates, clean ups and assorted maintenance items which we would normally do on-site.  We may break up this time into smaller chunks to allow us to remote onto various users’ machines to ensure that they are maintained during this time.

– Your calls should still be directed to our main number 0131 554 8888 where a member of our team will assist you.  Please note that any calls from RGB Solutions will be from mobile numbers during this time. Our team will leave a message with you if the call is not accepted.

– Our team may need a little extra time to get a hold of each other to discuss any complex or historical issues, we would ask for a little extra patience during this time.

We know that this is a time of unprecedented change and challenges for all, and the RGB Solutions team stands ready to support our partners throughout this time.

Wishing you the very best of health.

The RGB Solutions Team