Coronavirus Service Update

As you will be well aware, and following the announcement on Monday 23rd March, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is causing disruption to business as usual and life as we know it.  Over the past couple of weeks, RGB Solutions have been busy helping clients to secure connections into the office from the outside world should the worst happen.

At RGB Solutions we pride ourselves on our team’s capacity to adapt and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems.  As such we will be testing our mettle over the next few days, weeks and months as “Business as usual” turns into “the new normal”, however that will look.  While the majority of businesses are preparing to work remotely our team have had the capability of working remotely for a long time, as you may know if you’ve had support from us out of hours or at the weekend.

So what might be different?

For you, our valued partner, very little will change with how your service from RGB is provided:

– Our engineers will support you and your team via remote support, phone calls and emails.

– Your monthly maintenance visits will be converted into scheduled remote maintenance where our team will perform our normal tests, updates, clean ups and assorted maintenance items which we would normally do on-site.  We may break up this time into smaller chunks to allow us to remote onto various users’ machines to ensure that they are maintained during this time.

– Your calls should still be directed to our main number 0131 554 8888 where a member of our team will assist you.  Please note that any calls from RGB Solutions will be from mobile numbers during this time. Our team will leave a message with you if the call is not accepted.

– Our team may need a little extra time to get a hold of each other to discuss any complex or historical issues, we would ask for a little extra patience during this time.

We know that this is a time of unprecedented change and challenges for all, and the RGB Solutions team stands ready to support our partners throughout this time.

Wishing you the very best of health.

The RGB Solutions Team