Apple iMac Retina 5K

The Apple iMac features a 5K Retina display. This means it has 14.7 million pixels making up the displayed image on the 27″ screen which is four times as many as on the standard 27” screen providing incredible detail.

Thanks to new technology the latest iMac is only 5mm thick at its edge and has reduced energy consumption compared to previous Macs whilst still maintaining Apple’s high standards of brightness and contrast.

The latest iMacs are also the most powerful yet, with up-to six-core Intel processors which are available with speeds up-to 4.6GHz as well as the latest Radeon Pro graphics card and Thunderbolt 3 connectors which offer up to 40Gbps of bandwidth compared with just 10Gbps given on USB 3.1

Also optional is Apple’s Fusion hard-drive technology which combines the capacity of a traditional hard-drive with the high performance of flash based storage. Three stream 802.11ac wireless technology offers speeds of up to 1.3Gbps when connected to a compatible wireless network.

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