NEC MultiSync 4k Displays

NEC have announced their latest MultiSync display which has the very latest 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution and accurate wide colour gamut capabilities.  This means that the display offers a massive amount of desktop space, as it is four times that of full HD.  The monitor has multiple inputs including DVI-D, Display Port, HDMI, USB and Mobile High Definition (MHD), and has multi-source management, which allows advanced picture in picture so images from up to 4 different sources can be shown simultaneously.  There is also a 3 port USB 3 hub and built in speakers

The monitor is also perfect for modern office as it is fully height adjustable and features tilt technology.  There is also a sensor built in which can automatically switch the screen off when the user leaves and back on when they return.  There is also an eco mode, which has up to 56% power conservation, which will reduce overall energy costs.

The new Apple Mac Pro allows up to three 4K displays to run simultaneously, with the option to either mirror the display onto each screen or extend the desktop across the three screens.   Contact us at RGB Solutions for more information.