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Our new policies provide clear information on how we handle and protect your personal information.

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Chip Vulnerabilities: Meltdown and Spectre

The latest trending news causing widespread concern is that there are CPU manufacturer chip exploits which have been recently discovered. Intel which are the main processor used in Apple products are the initlally listed manufacturer but this vulnerability is not limited solely to them.

There are a series of newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting most modern processor chips which could permit attackers to gain unauthorised access to a computer’s memory. Dubbed ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’, these vulnerabilities affect nearly all modern processors and can only be mitigated through operating system patches.

Of the two, ‘Meltdown’ poses the greatest threat because it is easier to exploit and affects all kinds of computers, including personal computers and virtual machines in the cloud. This exploit is already patched for some macOS releases which provides mitigation against the vulnerability.

Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads are not affected for users who are running iOS 11.2. Apple TV devices running tvOS 11.2 are also protected.

Apple has confirmed the ‘Spectre’ vulnerabilities will be addressed for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS in upcoming updates.

We are delighted to discuss any immediate concerns and recommend that we are engaged to look over security and patching. Contact RGB Solutions now.

End of Support: Microsoft Office 2011 Mac

End of support notice

Microsoft announced that mainstream support for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 has ended from the 10th of October 2017.

This means that there will be no further software patches or updates for this release of the software and should there be any issues or incompatibilities in the future then this version will no longer be supported.

Continued support and patch updates will be available for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac and also Microsoft Office 365, we recommend consideration is given to upgrading your current Office suite to one of the following options available; Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office Volume Licensing.


Please contact RGB Solutions now to discuss upgrade strategy and pricing options.

Contact us on: 0131 554 8888

Email us at: info@rgbsolutions.co.uk

macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra is the successor to macOS Sierra (10.12+) that focuses mainly on deep system level feature changes. The main features of 10.13 are at system level with very little noticeable front-end differences for users.

The main purpose of macOS High Sierra is to introduce a completely overhauled file system from Apple.

The new file system called APFS was released last year but it will now be the default for all 10.13 Macs. New Macs will run it by default.

Upgrading to macOS High Sierra (10.13) will entirely change the way in which your machine operates. Converting HFS+ Volume into an APFS Volume. To revert back to a previous operating system will require a complete ERASE of your hard drive and a full REBUILD of the operating system.

RGB Solutions highly recommends that you don’t upgrade at this time. If you haven’t already, now would be the best time to turn off auto updates.

There are many applications that have yet to confirm compatibility with the latest operating system.

Below is a sample list of applications that currently have known issues with macOS High Sierra.

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4                       Wacom Tablets
Parallels Bootcamp Partition           Motion 5.3.2
Adobe CC Applications                     Compressor 4.3.2
Carbon Copy Cloner                          Logic Pro X 10.3.1

Let the experts take responsibility for your Mac Upgrades.  Don’t leave it to chance. Contact RGB Solutions now.

Top Tech Tips – Security

In light of the recent and well publicised ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware attacks some of you may be thinking ‘how do I protect myself?

Malware attacks are no longer just aimed at large businesses, the SMB market and single users are advised to be as educated as much as possible.

Every organisation no matter the size is susceptible to ransomware attacks. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to minimise your organisation’s risk:

Training and awareness:

• Treat any suspicious email with caution.

• Look at the domain name that sent the email.

• Check for spelling mistakes, review the signature and the legitimacy of the request.

Email security:

• You should deploy an email security solution that scans all attachments besides filtering for spyware and spam.

• Along with periodic user training and risk assessments, you should also conduct phishing vulnerability tests.


• Whether personal or corporate devices, endpoints are particularly at risk if they are not managed by IT, or don’t have the right anti-malware protection.

• Many users also turn off their virus scans so that it doesn’t slow their system down.

Encrypted attacks:

• Having the right enterprise firewall that is able to scan all traffic irrespective of file size is also critical.

• With the rapid increase in SSL encrypted traffic, there is always a risk of downloading encrypted malware that is invisible to traditional firewalls.

Monitoring and management:

• If a ransomware infection is detected, disconnect the infected system immediately from the network.

• As soon as a new malware variant is detected, the firewall should have an automated update and centralised management process to roll out updates and policies quickly and consistently across all nodes.

• In addition, it is crucial to update your software and operating systems regularly.

•  RGB customers are also advised to ensure that their email security subscriptions are active as attacks like this often enter organisations via email.


Please contact the RGB Solutions support team for updates regarding this threat and for any questions you may have related to protections against this threat.

If you have any other IT security concerns and wish RGB to undertake a security audit then please call us on 0131 554 8888 or email info@rgbsolutions.co.uk

‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Attack

SonicWall firewall customers with active and properly installed Gateway Anti-virus security subscriptions (either standalone or as a subset of the Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) or Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)) are safe and are protected from ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attacks.

A massive ransomware attack named ‘WannaCry’ has reached around the world causing significant alarm to organisations of all sizes. SonicWall Capture Labs identified this attack in mid-April and immediately published protection which was automatically downloaded to all SonicWall firewall customers with active security subscriptions. This preventative protection occurred well in advance of this week’s latest publicised attack.

SonicWall customers are urged to ensure their next-generation firewalls have an active and properly configured gateway security subscription, which enables the automatic receipt of signatures from known ransomware attacks such as ‘WannaCry’. RGB customers are also advised to ensure that their email security subscriptions are active as attacks like this often enter organisations via email.

Please contact the RGB Solutions support team for updates regarding this threat and for any questions you may have related to SonicWall protections against this threat. If you have any other IT security concerns and wish RGB to undertake a security audit then please call us on 0131 554 8888 or email info@rgbsolutions.co.uk


Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator VoIP telephone system allows small and medium sized businesses to improve communication, control costs, and stay connected anywhere, while providing ease of use for the client and the administrator. Based on the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol, Kerio Operator is compatible with any SIP device and provider, and auto-configures with most popular phones.

A Kerio Operator appliance utilises your existing data network with the industry standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to transmit and manage calls and management of the phone system has now shifted from a phone expert to the IT administrator.  It has an intuitive web interface so that previously expensive basic and common tasks like adding/changing/deleting office phone extensions can be done quickly and without expert help. It’s now much more practical and affordable for a small business to sound big.

Contact us at RGB Solutions on 0131 554 8888 for more information on how Kerio Operator can fit and bring benefit to your business.

OKI Executive Partner Program

RGB are delighted to announce that we are now an Official Executive Partner of OKI Printers.

This enables us to provide the Executive Printers and Consumables to our clients. Also allowing us access to the rest of the OKI range including the high-end Executive Series models

OKI have been delivering advanced printing solutions for over 60 years, introducing ground-breaking technologies that have supported the needs of businesses large and small.   RGB and OKI share similar philosophies on providing products to our clients.

A philosophy that delivers business excellence, develop and design all our products and services based upon core principles:

Simple – the devices should be easy to use and clean in design to suit todays modern office environments.

Solid – the device should be well built, robust and reliable

Smart – the device should include intuitive features to make printing and document management easier.

Contact RGB today to discuss your next great printer product from OKI.

NEC MultiSync 4k Displays

NEC have announced their latest MultiSync display which has the very latest 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution and accurate wide colour gamut capabilities.  This means that the display offers a massive amount of desktop space, as it is four times that of full HD.  The monitor has multiple inputs including DVI-D, Display Port, HDMI, USB and Mobile High Definition (MHD), and has multi-source management, which allows advanced picture in picture so images from up to 4 different sources can be shown simultaneously.  There is also a 3 port USB 3 hub and built in speakers

The monitor is also perfect for modern office as it is fully height adjustable and features tilt technology.  There is also a sensor built in which can automatically switch the screen off when the user leaves and back on when they return.  There is also an eco mode, which has up to 56% power conservation, which will reduce overall energy costs.

The new Apple Mac Pro allows up to three 4K displays to run simultaneously, with the option to either mirror the display onto each screen or extend the desktop across the three screens.   Contact us at RGB Solutions for more information.