Top Tech Tips – Security

In light of the recent and well publicised ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware attacks some of you may be thinking ‘how do I protect myself?

Malware attacks are no longer just aimed at large businesses, the SMB market and single users are advised to be as educated as much as possible.

Every organisation no matter the size is susceptible to ransomware attacks. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to minimise your organisation’s risk:

Training and awareness:

• Treat any suspicious email with caution.

• Look at the domain name that sent the email.

• Check for spelling mistakes, review the signature and the legitimacy of the request.

Email security:

• You should deploy an email security solution that scans all attachments besides filtering for spyware and spam.

• Along with periodic user training and risk assessments, you should also conduct phishing vulnerability tests.


• Whether personal or corporate devices, endpoints are particularly at risk if they are not managed by IT, or don’t have the right anti-malware protection.

• Many users also turn off their virus scans so that it doesn’t slow their system down.

Encrypted attacks:

• Having the right enterprise firewall that is able to scan all traffic irrespective of file size is also critical.

• With the rapid increase in SSL encrypted traffic, there is always a risk of downloading encrypted malware that is invisible to traditional firewalls.

Monitoring and management:

• If a ransomware infection is detected, disconnect the infected system immediately from the network.

• As soon as a new malware variant is detected, the firewall should have an automated update and centralised management process to roll out updates and policies quickly and consistently across all nodes.

• In addition, it is crucial to update your software and operating systems regularly.

•  RGB customers are also advised to ensure that their email security subscriptions are active as attacks like this often enter organisations via email.


Please contact the RGB Solutions support team for updates regarding this threat and for any questions you may have related to protections against this threat.

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